Nyland Co-housing

Nyland Co-Housing

Familiar with the Danish concept of cohousing, the founding members were searching for land on which to build their community. Coincidentally, Fred and Irene Nyland, a couple of Scandinavian descent, happened to be selling their farm in East Boulder County. The group of budding co-housers were able to fulfill their vision of living together on this “new land” (the translation of “Nyland” from Norwegian), and the community was born in 1992. Nyland is Colorado’s oldest and largest cohousing community, with about 135 residents in 42 homes. (One of the first five cohousing projects in the US) Nyland Cohousing started with a group of like-minded people seeking another way of living. Part of the concept included living lighter on the land, knowing one’s neighbors and honoring each other’s being. Legally we are a standard condominium association, but in spirit we are a vibrant community. Residents here are both homeowners and renters, and have varied backgrounds, careers, ages (infants to 80+), and views. The idea of cohousing included a smaller footprint in the houses as we have more shared space in the form of land, guest rooms, and eating and cooking areas. Another important feature is walking to one’s house to make informal interactions with your neighbors the norm. The design process was a group process. As many as possible of the decisions were made by consensus in weekly meetings. The group first met 4 years prior to building.