Energy Retrofit

Energy Retrofit – 60 Year Old Home

The project was conceived to retrofit a sixty-year-old home to a Carbon Neutral home to demonstrate the feasibility of reaching the 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. We wished to demonstrate that this goal could be reached with a typical home and we wondered if the comfort level would remain as good, if not better. The goal is to encourage Boulder citizens to begin the moves on their own homes, houses of worship, schools, and businesses. Guided by the knowledge that the cheapest Kilowatt Hour is the one you do not use, we spent considerable time reducing our overall energy consumption. We were able to more than double the tightness of our home (17.5 to 7.2). We are more comfortable, and we are using Fossil Fuels only when Wind Source is unable to supply all our current energy needs. The project began in October of 2015, and we removed the Gas line in January 2017. Recognizing the fact that burning of fossil fuels is disrupting our climate and endangering future generations, one of our goals was to demonstrate that an existing house can become carbon neutral. Our goal is to become net consumers of carbon rather than net producers.