Rhino Cubed ADU

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Rhino Cubed Accessory Dwelling Unit

When a passion for art is fused with extraordinary design, building innovation occurs. The co-founders of Rhino Cubed, Jan Burton and architect Sam Austin, combined their passions for art and design and gave life to an idea for an eco-friendly tiny home company. Rhino Cubed creates tiny homes otherwise known as “Cubes” from shipping containers. These containers provide the perfect envelope for a structurally robust, water tight and quasi-portable dwelling. Add stylish, artistic elements and the result is an eco-friendly, unique dwelling of distinction.

The up-cycling process of the container shell that would otherwise be destined for a waste yard, contributes to the green nature of the units. These tiny structures offer big green benefits due to their small size. Monetary savings and a smaller footprint on the Earth are just two of the benefits of owning a Cube.

The Cubes can be used as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs,) studios, rental units or permanent residences. The model on display is a lead-free shipping container that has been transformed into 192 s.f. of eco-friendly living space.