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North Cedarbrook Net Zero Energy House

Prior to purchasing the lot, the homeowners asked architect Rosemary Fivian to visit the 1 acre site, with the goal of building a modern net zero energy house for their family of four.  At the initial site visit it was clear that the beauty of the natural features and passive solar design strategies could be used to inform the design.  The site has stunning views of the skies and mountains to the South and sits in a sheltered valley location where the surrounding hillsides screen the views of city.

The contrast between the dark tones of the native evergreen trees against the golden tones of the grasses in the summer set the tone for choosing both exterior and interior finishes for the home.  The dramatic views are emphasized at the entry by using materials and a strong axis to focus the eye from the entry bridge, through the large windows to the views of the mountains beyond.  A green roof visible from the entry serves to blur the line between inside and outside.