Green Home B

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Gonthier Residence

Designed as a fusion of rustic and modern, this net-negative home brings a Mediterranean charm to a pastoral site in North Boulder. The single-level structure meanders over the ample lot, embracing two massive Siberian Elm trees within private and public courtyards. The natural setting is mirrored in the simple palette of materials – lime plaster and stone, exposed wood and clay tiles. Inside the natural materials continue, highlighted with abundant daylight and an in-home greenhouse filled with vegetables and herbs. 12” thick double-stud walls enhance the old-world feel while providing a high R-value and virtually eliminating thermal bridging.

The traditional clay tile roof is at an ideal angle for mounting solar panels, while deep soffits are calculated for passive solar gain and shade. High-performance Alpen windows with U-values as low as 0.14 are ‘tuned’ by orientation to maximize passive heating & cooling. An energy efficient air-source heat pump and a large photovoltaic array complete the energy picture. This home received a HERS rating of -23. Annually, it will produce over 16 million more BTU’s than it consumes!